Planning Well

Planning well means how you are cared for; deciding what legal papers you need and filling them in properly; deciding who will do what & when… and planning how you will communicate your choices to medical staff & your loved ones to ensure your wishes are followed.

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Dying Well

Dying well will depend on learning about your options; making choices suitable for your personal needs, and communicating them to your carers and medical support team to ensure you are comfortable and respected right to the very time of your natural death.

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Resting Well

Resting well means leaving a loving legacy; knowing you have done everything you can to make it easier for those left behind; choosing your preferred cremation/burial; coffin choices etc. and how you want your life to be celebrated.

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Advance Care Planning and Directives - why bother?

An Advance Care Plan helps you to gain clarity on what type of medical assistance you do and do not want should you find yourself in hospital. An Advance Care Directive is the formal documentation that advises others of your treatment choices should you not be able to communicate these to your medical team.

Advance Care Planning Week - time to plan

The first National Advance Care Planning Week starts 16-22 April and it's the perfect time to learn about advance care planning and how to make a valid advance care directive.

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