This web site provides information, tools, training and other services to help you get your affairs in order so you can live the best possible life right up to your last natural breath.

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I’ve gathered up as much information as I could from around the globe to help you to make the best choices suited to your life and spiritual values.

Why go to all this effort? Well, ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’, and I want this community portal to help you to discover what you need to know to be able to make positive choices that are not only right for you, but will soothe your family at a very difficult time.

A ‘most magnificent exit’ requires three important elements: Planning Well, Dying Well and Resting Well. Scroll down to discover a world of information on all things death and dying.

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Planning Well

PLANNING WELL means choosing how you want to be cared for; understanding what legal papers you need and filling them in properly; deciding who will do what and when… and planning how you will communicate your choices to medical staff and your loved ones to ensure your wishes are followed.

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Dying Well

DYING WELL will require you to discover all your medical and care options; make choices that match your personal values and communicate these choices to your carers and medical support team to ensure they are respected right to the natural end of your life.

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Resting Well

RESTING WELL means feeling the relief of having left a loving legacy knowing you have done everything you can to make your death easier on an emotional, legal and practical level for those left behind: for example choosing and expressing your preferred cremation/burial, coffin choices and how you would like your life to be celebrated when you are gone.

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