We provide information, tools, training and other services to help you get your affairs in order to ensure a gentle journey when the inevitable happens: your natural death.

A ‘most magnificent exit’ requires three important elements: Planning WellDying Well and Resting Well.

This information is what you need to be able to make the best choices suited to you. The truth is ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’, and this community portal will help you to discover what you need to know about to be able to live well right through to the very end – in other words, Dying Well.

Planning well means contemplating how you want your last years, weeks, months, days to unfold. We’ll point you to the terms you’ll need to understand; the legal documents and tools that will allow you to communicate your wishes to your loved ones, solicitors and medical staff to ensure your choices are followed through.

And to help you in your quest for resting well, we will provide and point to tools and information that bring you a sense of peace, knowing that you have taken responsibility for your death in life; put your affairs in order, and put in place those details for your burial or cremation, funeral or memorial that are a unique expression of you and the magnificent life you have led.