Time to plan

Planning well can ensure the best possible experience of life right to the very end.

Planning well is the key to ensuring that you have personal control over your living and dying in later years, and will impact how you will be remembered into the future.

You may think that completing your Last Will & Testament and putting a few stickers on special items to be passed on is planning well, but there is much more to consider if you really want to experience quality of life right to the end and leave a loving legacy.

Planning well requires you to firstly understand what your options are, and from there you can make choices that suit your life values and your desired lifestyle, then you need to find the right planning tools to help you communicate those choices to those who need to know: your family, loved ones, medical team, palliative care support team, solicitor etc.

Planning well and discussing it with your loved ones also helps them to be better prepared, and discussing your clearly-outlined wishes with your doctor (preferably by cocreating an Advance Care Plan), your aged care facility staff and other relevant medical practitioners heightens their ability to follow through on them. In fact, more and more agencies and aged care facilities are requiring Advance Care Directives upon registration for their medical records.

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