Resting Well

Resting well means ‘Resting in Peace’ – and there’s a reason why R.I.P. is a popular epitaph on headstones around the globe—no matter our spiritual, religious or philosophical ideals, the idea of resting well appeals to all of us.

Resting well starts long before your time is finished on this earth. Knowing that you have put your affairs in order to reduce the stress on those left behind will have you resting well at night.

If you have ever found yourself in an ambulance with a serious health emergency or in a near-death situation, you will know that a list of things you ‘should have done’ run through your head.

Regardless of whether you hold religious, spiritual or secular ideologies, the capacity for resting well could depend on whether you were buried or cremated, cryogenically frozen or orbited around the planet; whether you told your loved ones how important they were to you or what songs were played at your funeral.

We celebrate births in a joyous way, so it’s only right that our funerals are a joyous expression of our particular personality and life.
Letting your loved ones know the actions they can take for them to feel that you are resting well is a loving thing to do.

The best legacy you can leave is to lay out clearly all the information your loved ones would need to process your death with little fuss. For example, do you want to leave your body to science? Be buried or cremated? Do you want a private or public funeral or a memorial? Do you want a cardboard or more traditional coffin? Would you like a  tree planted instead of having cut flowers? Do you care who reads your eulogy, or what songs and poems are shared?

It doesn’t take much to think these things through and write them down in a place that is easy to access and to discuss your choices with your loved ones. Even if they say things like, “Oh don’t talk about that now – it’s morbid”, believe me, they will be grateful for it in the end.

Resting well can mean so many things to each one of us. The first thing to do is reflect on what resting well means to you.

The Rest Easy Journal has an entire section (including examples) listing options and ideas for your funeral wishes to make it easy for you to communicate your wishes to your loved ones and they will be grateful you provided the choices you’ve made to ensure you are resting well.