Advance Care Planning Week – time to plan

Advance Care Planning Week launched 16 – 22 April 2018 by Austin Health with funding provided by the Australian government.

You’ve probably written your Will and got your CV up to date (if not – get onto it!) but have you worked out your Advance Care Plan and written and made formal your Advance Care Directive?

Dr Karen Detering, Medical Director, Advance Care Planning Australia says that at least half of us won’t be in a position to make our own decisions if we become unwell or have an accident. This could mean that our personal and spiritual values will be ignored as a medical team focuses on keeping us alive at all costs.

Medical and technological advances have meant that our lives can be extended via ‘artificial means’ when once we would have just died a natural death.

That’s why Advance Care Planning is so important – you need to be able to communicate what end of life care you want, and if you can’t make sure someone is authorised to represent you. So make sure you educate yourself in your options by accessing Advance Care Planning information here.

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