Get your coffin along with your bulk toilet paper at Costco

Coffins and caskets are another item for your trolley at wholesale giant Costco. Most Australian warehouses are stocking these items. Check out this article by Johnny Lieu on Mashable (May 6, 2016).

The coffins are supplied by Australian small business Scientia Coffins who appear to have a solid ethos.

On their web site, they’ve posted an article that says:

When we started collaborating with Costco to provide a select range of coffins and caskets to the general public last year, our contact number was no doubt deleted off many Funeral Directors’ phone list. But in support of Costco’s mission to provide the retail market a just and fair coffin product and price, without jeopardising on quality, we needed to take this step.

The range includes fairly standard coffins and caskets made mostly from MDF, but some from timber, plus some woven ‘eco’ options.

But do your research before buying, because according to this article by Jacob Passy from MarketWatch (June 25, 2017), ‘consumers who think they’re getting a good deal by buying a casket at Amazon or Costco may end up paying more than they think in the end, advocates say’.