How to get rid of Grandpa’s stamp collection

You’ve just discovered that your Grandpa has left you his stamp collection and it’s cluttering up your hallway. DON’T throw it in the bin! According to the Australian Philatelic Federation you should ‘never ever throw out a stamp collection just because you don’t want it. There is always someone who would like the stamps, no matter what the value’.

But many stamps do end up at the tip, lost to future collectors because people either have no idea of the value of the collection or where to sell it.

Some would say the best option is for you to sell your own collection before you die because you are the best person to know what is of value and who would be interested in your stamps.

But if you do find yourself with Grandpa’s coveted collection and no instructions on what to do with it, you can get advice from specialist web sites like Gabriele’s Philatelic Service (Sydney, Australia) – they also buy and sell stamps, or Linn’s Stamp News (US, the world’s largest newspaper devoted to stamp collecting) for tips on how to care for your stamps.  Here are three tips to help keep valuable stamps in circulation for future collectors.

  1. Look after your stamps as they are easily damaged by water, mould or insects. Keep them in a dry, light place.
  2. Keep your stamps in albums, books or boxes. Don’t take them off the envelope.
  3. Valuations cost money, so establish what the costs will be first, and have an itemised list of the stamps you have provided to ensure you get them all back. Also ask whether the stamps will be insured when in the dealer’s possession.

If the collection is of little monetary value, consider giving the collection to a young collector or donating it to a junior or adult stamp club in your area. For more details on selling and valuing stamps go to the Australian Philatelic Federation website.