All Things Online

Use this easy-to-follow fillable form to guide your Executor or loved ones through your ‘digital afterlife’: how to access your computer, phone and digital gadgets passwords, usernames, your web sites, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages – all of those online activities we are swiftly gathering in the digital world . You can ease their stress during their time of grieving by recording information about information about what you want done with your social media imprint: memorials, deletion etc. It also helps you to advise where your important documents are kept and any other urgent information they need to know or have access to quickly.

This 10-page booklet guides you through the process and provides the space for you to type in your information. Just save the document and store it in a secure place – or keep it with your Solicitor for safekeeping.

The price for this section of Rest Easy is just $9.95, a giant 33% off the regular price of $14.95. Once you have made your purchase the section will be emailed to you.

If you have any questions, or would like to order larger quantities, please feel free to contact us.