The Rest Easy Journal

The Rest Easy Journal in hard copy guides you through the answers and information you need to provide to your loved ones so they can process your death with less stress. With simple checklists, it provides space for you to write in your own information.

With headings including ‘information you need to know immediately’, “what to do with my pets’, ‘benefits received that will need to be stopped’ through to ‘my funeral wishes’, the Journal creates a space for you to write your particular information all in one place.

Six Good Reasons for Filling in the Rest Easy Journal:

1. We all die!

2. ‘You can’t take it with you!’ We all leave things that need to be sorted by someone; somehow.

3. Most of us are frightened of death and don’t want to discuss it openly—this journal provides a gentle approach to a serious issue.

4. People don’t always make the best decisions when they are grieving and could regret permanent decisions they make. Having a Rest Easy Journal completed by you to guide them will lighten their load.

5. Most people just don’t have any idea what their loved one wants when they die; where important documents, money, Wills etc., are kept—or passwords to computers, phones, internet accounts etc.

6. And for those eco-conscious warriors: this is another perfect opportunity to ‘live (and die) lightly on the planet’ by leaving a morally-responsible footprint.

At just $28.95 including postage, it is the best investment that will provide you peace of mind!

“The Rest Easy Journal is a simple tool that helped me get my affairs in order by presenting me with a comprehensive list of information that I can provide to others. It is all in one place and the layout was simple and easy to follow.”

If you have any questions, or would like to order larger quantities, please feel free to contact us.