The Rest Easy Kit Download

The Rest Easy Kit Download is a fillable form version of the Rest Easy Journal.

It is particularly helpful for people who use computers often and prefer the convenience of typing their details into a document and saving it to the computer or in ‘The Cloud’.

The Rest Easy Kit guides you through the answers and information you need to provide to your loved ones so they can process your death with less stress. With simple checklists, it provides space for you to write in your own information.

The Rest Easy Kit is the complete compilation of all 5 sectional modules but with a few added extras that are not included in the individual sectional purchases. The complete kit will be emailed directly to you after you have purchased it.

The Rest Easy Kit includes all of the following:

  • Introduction to the Rest Easy Journal
  • Section 1: What to do when I die – fillable form
  • Section 2: My Funeral Wishes – fillable form
  • Section 3: Financial Matters – fillable form
  • Section 4: All things on line – fillable form
  • Section 5: Life Snapshot – fillable form
  • A Rest Easy Journal preview to send to friends.

Plus, the kit also comes with:

Advance Care Planning – What Are They?:
Steps to take around your future rights and choices
Substitute Decision Making by John Clarke, Solicitor
A Good Death by Josephine Richardson
Planning for a Good Death
7 Practical Steps to Dying Well
‘We have Choices’ information sheet

And it also includes notes to help you make decisions such as:

Dying with Dignity – things to put in place
Donating your body to science
How to get rid of Grandpa’s Stamp Collection
Green Funeral Options
12 Fab ways to go out with a bang
What does Dying Well mean to you?
Useful Resources (a list of useful books, web sites etc.)

The price for this full Rest Easy Kit version is just $44.80. That's 25% off the regular price of $59.80. Once you have made your purchase the kit will be emailed to you.

If you have any questions, or would like to order larger quantities, please feel free to contact us.