The Sydney Death & Dying Festival is a celebration of how far we’ve come in our acceptance of death and dying.

When I first wrote my Rest Easy Journal and started talking ‘dying well’ in 2005 I felt a bit like a scout at a remote outpost. There was very little written about this subject in Australia and no one seemed to want to talk about it. But I persevered, and now you have access to hundreds of organisations, sites and books for information; we have a national Dying to Know Day hosting events all around Australia, a national Advance Care Planning Day and festivals that celebrate death and dying.

I was delighted to be approached to attend this year’s Festival of Death and Dying in Sydney to run two workshops that will help people to get started on getting their affairs in order.

We all know why we should do it and some of us know how to do it, but it seems like such a huge step for many of us to actually DO it, so I’ll be walking people through some basic first steps and provide tools to help them to get started.

I’ll be there to help with the practical aspects of death and dying, but the festival will be a rich experience across the full spectrum of celebrating death and pushing the boundaries of what we have been taught and think about the subject, including how to make a funeral shroud, the power of ceremony, thinking differently about suicide, curing the dread of death, help with formulating your will, the importance of mementoes, finding honour in death and much, much more.

I encourage you to check out the web site and to come along THIS WEEKEND in Rushcutter’s Bay, Sydney. But hurry, tickets are running out fast.